Louisville SEO: More Than Keywords – Local SEO

I’ve penned a lot of articles over the last couple years and it never crossed my mind to really attempt at ranking for the keyword Louisville SEO.  I searched it tonight and found the top result was an SEO firm or agency that pretty much uses 1999 (same year they were founded) tactics on their ranking page.  
Keyword stuffing is supposed to have gone the way of the doodoo and I push clients away from over using a phrase.  This page uses the target keyword 46 times.   There 1000 word article is 5% of the time Louisville SEO.  
I thought well, this just has to be done.  As a native Louisvillian who works full time in SEO I can’t sit aside and allow the leader of this keyword to be everything I claim is dead in modern day search algorithms.  
This challenge I’ve decided to accept should serve as a testament to Louisville businesses seeking an expert in SEO strategy both Local SEO and National/Global SEO.  I hope to jump up in the top 10 by 2020, depending upon backlinks it could be a chore but we’ll see.
SEO is constantly evolving and what worked 5 years ago is not as…

I left Louisville in 2010 and moved to Chicago, it was the best thing I could have done and I often tell anyone you have to move away from your hometown at least once.  It builds confidence, challenges you’re assertions and in my case really helped focus my career.

I returned to Louisville in 2016 I had returned with an MBA in Technology Management, an MEd in Instructional Design and had worked at Hewlett- Packard and Accenture.  Sometime in 2017 I found myself looking for a job and the only thing I could find in Louisville for my experiences was Upwork.com and working for clients as a freelancer.

The last two years I’ve been surprisingly self suficent on my ownand have completed over 40 Upwork SEO contracts as well as working locally on Brent Ackerson’s campaign for County Attorney and Sean Delahanty’s campaign for District Judge.  In both instances I built an SEO foot print and PPC campaign that I was proud of and am happy to discuss with any potential clients.